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Workplace Problems

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"Law in the Service of Human Needs,” the motto of the City University of New York Law School, where Mr. Rostan received his legal education, embodies the philosophy of his firm. With his background as a civil rights attorney and social worker, Mr. Rostan applies this philosophy to meeting your legal needs and providing you with the individual attention you deserve to solve your workplace problems. Because each person’s problem is unique, the firm employs the strategy which best suits your individual needs. Whether you are a current or former employee, we can help you move beyond the problem that brought you to our office, utilizing negotiation or, if necessary, litigation. Regardless of the approach, the firm’s ultimate goal is to enhance your quality of life.

Mr. Rostan has argued successfully on issues of public importance. Representative issues include:

•    obtaining sensitive information in the course of litigation in Musto v. the State of New Jersey
      and more recently in Guerriero v. Bedminster Board of Education;

•    requiring that civil service examinations meet constitutional standards for objectivity in
     Merlino v. Schneider;

•    attracting competent counsel to address the needs of low and moderate income persons, in
     Heusser v. New Jersey Highway Authority ¹.

Mr. Rostan has helped clients with many types of employment problems, including executive contracts; severance agreements; wrongful termination; retaliation; sexual harassment or other harassment based upon an individual’s protected status (such as age, race, disability or sexual orientation); securing overtime, bonus and commission pay; non-competition disputes; and whistleblower firings.


¹ Guerriero v. Bedminster Board of Education is currently pending in Somerset County Superior Court. Musto v. State of New Jersey is a decision by the Appellate Division without publication. Heusser v. New Jersey Highway Authority was appealed to the New Jersey Supreme Court and Mr. Rostan filed a friend of the Court brief on behalf of the New Jersey NELA, (National Employment Lawyers Association). Merlino v. Schneider, 92 N.Y. 2d. 816 (decision by New York Court of Appeals without publication).